$17 million and counting being tossed away for the Mueller probe

While it may seem hard to believe in today’s political climate, there are quite a few things that both Democrats and Republicans agree on. One such commonality is the government’s waste of taxpayer money.

By this logic it should upset politicians and voters on both side of the aisle of the amount of money Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent during his time investigating Russian collusion in the 2016 election. The total up until now is a whopping $17 million.

That’s right. Seventeen million dollars for just over a year. That is absolutely ridiculous. And the worst part of it — this figure includes $874,069 for salaries and benefits and an additional $1.9 million to cover Department of Justice officials loaned out to the team.

Other numbers include $532,340 on travel and transportation, $226,730 on IT services and $29,694 on supplies and materials.

Previous probes were also costly. President Ronald Reagan’s investigation of funneling arms to Iran cost over $84 million, which equals $142 million when adjusted for inflation. President Bill Clinton’s Whitewater investigation cost $73 million — $107 million when adjusted for inflation.

But that does not make this Russian probe any better. Think of all the better uses of this money. It could be used to fund ideas supported by both parties or to pay off our massive debt. Instead, we accumulate more debt while spending more for an open-ended investigation that does not appear to be going away any time soon.

Maybe those concerned with government spending should take a closer look at Mueller’s budget. And maybe voters should pay more attention to where their taxpayer dollars are going.


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