SCOTUS gay wedding cake case: a loss for both sides

The Supreme Court’s much anticipated “Gay Wedding Cake” case failed to rise to the occasion for either side of the political aisle.

The case was not a victory for Conservatives who claimed designing a wedding cake for a homosexual couple would amount to a violation of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. The case was not a victory for the LGBT community and advocates who claim the baker acted with discrimination by refusing to design a cake for the couple.

All this rendered decision stated was that the baker’s rights had been violated because the Colorado Civil Rights Commission treated him with “hostility” based on his religious beliefs.

The Court basically just ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was mean to the baker, and therefore applied its ruling only to this particular baker. The Court did not touch on the core substantive issues in the case — whether the cake amounts to speech, whether the baker’s religious freedom was violated and whether the homosexual couple were discriminated against.

But so long as members of the LGBT community continuing pursuing their policy agenda in the courts, the religious rights vs. LGBT debate will continue. And the much-anticipated Supreme Court case deciding this issue is yet to come. The only question is whether the Court will have the courage to actually rule this time. The American people deserve to have a precedent-setting ruling on the issue.


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