New York Times scandal eerily resembles “House of Cards” storyline

James Wolfe, left, a Senate Intelligence Committee aide, and New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, right.


Based on what’s been going on at The New York Times, it’s hard to tell reality apart from a storyline on Netflix’s political drama “House of Cards.”

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that Senate Intelligence Committee Director of Security James A. Wolfe was arrested in an investigation of classified information leaks  and revealed that Wolfe was involved in a romantic relationship with New York Times reporter Ali Watkins for three years, during which time they exchanged tens of thousands of electronic communications, including daily texts and phone calls.

The Justice Department told Watkins in February that they seized her records for an investigation into Wolfe’s leaking of sensitive information to the media obviously including Watkins.

Some of Watkins’ Twitter posts reveal she may have known she was walking on a slippery slope by sleeping with her source.

In 2013, several months before her relationship with Wolfe reportedly began, she tweeted several times about an admiration for “House of Cards” character Zoe Barnes, a young female journalist played by Kara Mara who sleeps with Kevin Spacey’s Congressman Frank Underwood for insider information.


The New York Times regards itself as the leading newspaper in the country. However, based on this story, it appears its reporter did not adhere to one of the most basic tenets of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code Of Ethics, to “avoid conflicts of interest.”

-Maybe Watkins would’ve remembered that one if she didn’t spend so much time binge-watching “House of Cards.”


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