Left-wing media blames Trump for enforcing Clinton’s immigration laws

Why is the left-leaning media so fixated on the rights of illegal alien children lately, when Trump is simply enforcing long-standing policies from the Clinton years?

One of the most subtle ways left-leaning media outlets distort the news is by focusing on certain issues depending upon who is president.

For instance, The New York Times wrote far more articles about homelessness during the Reagan and Bush presidencies than during the Carter and Clinton years. This bias caused Americans to believe that homelessness was a worse problem during Republican presidencies, when in fact it has been a problem of similar degree from the 1970s through today.

Now left-wing bias is affecting coverage of immigration policy under President Trump.

Under long-standing law and court precedent from the Clinton years, children cannot be held in adult detention centers for more than 20 days. Therefore, unless illegal alien families choose to claim asylum, the family is returned home, usually within a day or two.

However, note the word “unless.” Asylum claims take two-to-three months to review; therefore, children generally get placed with relatives in the U.S., while only the adults get held in detention. Families only get broken up if they try to sneak across the border rather than crossing legally at a manned port of entry.

There are rational solutions to this problem.

First of all, families should not exploit American kindness in order to cut the immigration line, or else they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Next, families who have legitimate asylum claims should enter the U.S. properly, so that the do not get torn apart.

Finally, Congress can build more family detention centers for those families who have broken the law but may not have been aware of U.S. asylum policies.

However, those opposed to President Donald Trump do not seem interested in solutions.

Instead, they are seeking to exploit this issue for political gain by suggesting that Trump’s immigration policies are somehow less humane than those of former-President Barack Obama.


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