Let’s trade anti-America radicals for pro-America immigrants

Sports teams exchange players for one another, so why can’t countries do the same?

Antifa radicals


America is great again. The economy is strong, crime is low and threats from abroad are diminishing.

However, there are two main challenges the country is facing: the large number of immigrants wanting to join us and the wave of anti-America, progressive radicals trying to upend our way of life.

I propose to solve both of these challenges at once by trading radicals to other countries in exchange for foreign citizens who want to both enter our country and adopt our way of life.

The United States has too many citizens who oppose the values that made the country great. We became the global superpower through the combination of our capitalist system and the Judeo-Christian values that our founders enshrined in the Constitution.

The country isn’t perfect, and it has a long and unfortunate history of not living up to those values, but the answer is not to change the values. Our values feed off of each other — capitalism doesn’t work in countries without respect for other peoples’ rights, and the only economic system compatible with our values is capitalism.  Therefore, threats to even part of our system are threats to our entire system.

Too many Americans favor radically different ways of life, most notably Marxist systems. At the same time, countless foreign citizens want to come to this country, some of whom value our way of life.

Therefore, the first step to solving these problems is to send a group of U.S. citizens on a speaking tour of the world. These speakers can warn potential American immigrants of how “terrible” the U.S. is because we don’t have socialized systems, and therefore rich people have far more money than poor people. These speakers can help scare away those potential immigrants who favor Marxist systems of government from coming to the U.S.

However, this speaking tour would leave too many Marxists in the U.S., while still leaving a long line of foreigners biding their time until they can become American citizens.

Therefore, the next step is to trade citizens. Sports teams exchange players for one another, so why can’t countries do the same?

American radicals who truly hate this country should jump at the chance to leave and gain instant citizenship in another country of their choosing.

Meanwhile, the United States can select from millions of foreigners who desire our way of life and share our values.

Americans should be grateful that they are living in such an incredible country at such an amazing time. Those who feel the opposite must hate our way of life.

Let’s have an America where those who want to live here and live our way of life can come, while those who do not share our way of life can be shown the door.


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