“Republicans Are Forbidden!” Conservative street artist satirizes liberals with Nazi-style propaganda

(Credit: SABO Facebook)


Commentators in the left-wing media have compared Trump to Hitler and described his “accomplices” as “Nazis.”

Protesters harassed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as she was dining in Washington D.C., and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was booted from the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., went so far as to encourage such behavior, calling for other liberals to harass the Trump administration in public places.

There is a clear pattern. The nation is undergoing a tumultuous time, and liberals are walking a slippery slope by putting politics before decency.

Now, a conservative street artist known as SABO is attempting to wake up hostile liberals to their indecent behavior using a tactic they love — satire.

SABO put up signs outside liberal shops in West Hollywood written in German (with English translations) aiming to depict Nazi Germany. Some of the signs read, “Republicans Are Forbidden,” “Democrats defend yourselves against Republican atrocity and propaganda – BUY ONLY AT DEMOCRAT SHOPS!” and “Democrats! RESIST yourself! Do not buy Republican!”

This artist has exposed the irony in the left describing the Trump administration as Nazis while denying service to Republicans for the sole reason of policy disagreement and political affiliation.

While the nation hasn’t quite reached this step yet — a total boycott of Republican goods and vendors — it appears we might be heading in this direction soon. Due to the country’s high polarization and inability to keep politics out of anything — football included — it is of utmost importance that we are reminded that we are all Americans first and political adversaries second.


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