Iran official: Obama granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians as “a favor” during nuclear deal

Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour (right) claims former-President Barack Obama granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians as “a favor.”


An Iranian official and member of parliament has alleged the Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was reached in July 2015.

“When Obama, during the negotiations about the JCPOA, decided to do a favor to these men, he granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians and some officials started a competition over whose children could be part of these 2,500 Iranians,” Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour claimed.

Zolnour, who is chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a member of its national security and foreign affairs committee, made the comments during an interview with Iranian newspaper Etemad.

According to Fox News, which picked up Zolnour’s comments and published them on Monday, it remains unclear if the allegations are true and whether Zolnour meant to allege the former president granted “citizenship” or “a green card” (permanent residency) to Iranian leaders and their families.

But nonetheless, the report from an Iranian official is troubling.

Hopefully, a United States investigation will take place that will establish a more concrete confirmation. Following which, government officials should take a closer look at the Iranians who benefitted from the alleged scheme who are currently residing in the United States.

It would be an alarming reality should an affirmative confirmation be established. This would mean the Obama administration hid this reality from the American people so deeply that its truth had to be revealed by Iran and not our own government. It would also serve as another exhibit as to how Obama tried so hard to persuade the Iranians to sign his deal, going as far as to sacrifice our country’s citizenship to achieve his goal.


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