Judge blocks Trump’s executive orders to “drain the swamp”

A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump and his administration from making it easier to fire federal workers and to fulfill the administration’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp.”

U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ruled on Saturday that President Trump “exceeded his authority” and found that key provisions of three recent executive orders “undermine federal employees’ right to bargain collectively” under federal law.

President Trump issued three executive orders in May, which his domestic policy adviser Andrew Bremberg said would “promote more efficient government” by making it easier to fire poor-performing employees. The first executive order aimed to make a 30-day standard for all performance improvement plans for federal employees.

The second sought to make collective bargaining negotiations more efficient, and the third reduced the number of work hours union members can spend on official time as well as the activities that are eligible for the practice.

Shortly after President Trump passed these three executive orders, lawsuits came flooding in. The most prominent was brought by the American Federation of Government Employees, the largest federal workers union in the country.

The president of the labor group, J. David Cox Sr., said, “President Trump’s illegal action was a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress specifically guaranteed to the public-sector employees across this country who keep our federal government running every single day.”

And Judge Jackson agreed. “As to the merits of the unions’ contentions, while past precedents and pertinent statutory language indicate that the president has the authority to issue executive orders that carry the force of law with respect to federal labor relations, it is undisputed that no such orders can operate to eviscerate the right to bargain collectively as envisioned in the [statute],” Jackson wrote in his ruling. “In this Court’s view, the challenged provisions of the executive orders at issue have that cumulative effect.”

Regardless of whether Trump decides to take this up on appeal, it’s important to understand the core intention of his policies: to fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” and not waste federal tax dollars on poor-performing employees.



  1. Arthur James Rago says

    She must be a democrat. These executive orders should not have been blocked. She must be a Obama holdover. She should be investigated to the Max and drummed out of the judicial system.

    1. Stanley says

      No doubt.

  2. Johnny Michaels says

    The protections and benefits afforded public sector employees are beyond unreasonable. The Executive Order # EO-10988, signed into law under J.F.K. in 1961, does not allow for appropriate checks and balances between employer & employee, and should be eliminated, and replaced with a system that permits these peoples’ employers (We the People), to scrutinize their job performance, and continued employment by We the People. We pay the bills, they perform or find a new job!

  3. Sean Corbell says

    The timing and scope of those executive orders is suspicious to the point of being ridiculous. After James Comey described Trump’s leadership style as that of a mafia don, based on a cult of loyalty rather than a shared ethical vision … after Trump loudly and persistently insulating himself from all dissenting voices within his own staff… we’re supposed to believe that this move was anything other than a transparently obvious attempt to gather more autocratic power? Thank God for people like Judge Jackson trying to put the brakes on our headlong descent down the mountain of democratic ideals into the swamp of dictatorship.

    1. Sandy L. says

      Comey does not have any credibility about anything. Mafia don? Really? ***** Pres. Trump was talking about the absurdity of not being able to fire federal employees in a timely fashion for a long time. I believe it was triggered by the horrors at some of the VA hospitals. Govt. Employees should not be unionized. It is a conflict of interest.

  4. Steve says

    Go to any Social Security Office and watch the LAZY,LAZY porcine workers waddle around as slowly as a slug running backwards.They cannot be moved to do their jobs because unless they kill someone, they can NEVER be fired.This will only get worse.If you can’t or won’t do your job resign or get fired.

    1. Fred May says

      That’s most federal jobs these days. Only because of the employees “protections”.

    2. DAVID M PAYNE SR says

      I have seen this firsthand. Worked in D.C. for a while and had the opportunity to observe these “workers” for quite a while. Saw so much WASTED time by employees that it was nauseating. Women sitting and doing their nails, talking on personal pone calls, taking an excessive amount of breaks, extended lunch breaks. You name a way for an employee to waste time and I saw it. When I asked supervisors why they were allowed to continue working,I was told that the only way they could be fired would be an act of Congress, Especially for the black employees. All they had to do was scream “Racism” and that was it. No firing. It was PATHETIC.

    3. sam says

      and our winner for oxymoron of the year

      drum roll please

      federal workers

  5. Joe Sanchez says

    Here it is in action, reverse discrimination in action, and unfortunately it seems it will continue, as these liberal judges are either taking Bribes, but one thing for sure they are not following the rule of Law, but making up the law as they go. Everyone know the SWAMP is filled with criminals from the left, who have broken more serious laws, than a ;lot of young people who are behind bars, for smoking a joint. So whos really the Racist ?.

  6. Joyce Taylor says

    I had an employee when I worked for the Department of Defense who was hiding GROCERY BAGS of his work in a closet. We discovered it, but could not fire him. A 90 day performance improvement period was required. As if I didn’t have enough to do, getting his work (all his past work) and mine done, I had to document his performance meticulously. Of course, about 50 days into it, the National Guard units was mobilized for Desert Storm so he & I went off to Fort Hood and I lost all that effort As far as I know, he is still sucking down federal pay.

  7. Seton During says

    Most if not all governments continue to fail about evolving and sustaining credible tested and proven empirical formulae for ascertaining the efficiency, effectiveness, with economic management and administration of most/groups if not all public sector employees.
    Here in The UK, we did have a system based on a targeted 6% Statutory Rate of Return on Capital Employed for manual workers in our public sector – it was quietly phased out a few decades ago for reasons about which I do not know.
    It may be worth requesting The British Ambassador to The US to expatiate!

  8. Willy says

    The point of collective bargaining rests with bargaining. Cutting management out of the picture is the desire of one side of the equation, but defiles the spirit of the arrangement.

  9. Jeb Charleston says

    Any order issued by a Federal Judge who benefited in his or her career from affirmative action automatically should be made unenforceable. If you didn’t get to be a Federal Judge solely on the merit of your intellect, you should not have the Judicial right to tell the citizens of the country what to do.

  10. Roberto Fiad says

    In response to this news story, I am reminded, I recall an episode of original Hawaii 5-O series, in 1972, in which someone whom McGarrett had captured and who was tried for his crimes could not be convicted. When the defendant’s grandfather, a crime boss, confronted McGarrett to rub his nose in his defeat – he was made to regret his having taken that ego trip.

    McGarrett smiled and replied that “Next time, we’ll be smarter.” A few minutes later, the defendant approached his grandfather and said, “So much for the pigs.” The grandfather grew irate and slapped the boy hard in the face with indignation.

    He also verbally blasted him with the threat that there would be no further efforts to protect him in the future from his own foolishness. He repeated McGarrett’s admonition about being smarter in the future.

    In memory of this event with the judge blocking Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp – yes the swamp prevailed and holds the upper hand at President Trump’s expense — For Now.

  11. Jon Exner says

    First Congress must vote to fill the vacancy on the supreme court, once Kavanagh is on the bench the DOJ must appeal this judges decision.
    Second after the election the Congress must pass laws that would allow Federal workers to be fired more easily for cause. We the taxpayers should not be paying the salaries of workers who should be fired for cause and even an over bloated work force.

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