Opinion: Poll of blue collar workers bodes well for Trump

According to a study and survey conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, 86 percent of blue collar workers are “satisfied with their job” and 85 percent “believe their life is heading in the right direction.”

This is excellent news for President Trump, who will surely be able to count on this voter block to continue supporting the Republican Party in the midterm elections in November.

But the Harris Poll was even more revealing in its finding that only 51 percent believe the country is heading in the right direction. In contrast, a much larger majority — 69 percent — told the Harris Poll that they are happy with the direction their local communities are headed. Blue collar workers clearly like smaller government and local officials to deal with local issues, which makes perfect sense.

But a whopping 70 percent of poll respondents said they don’t trust elected officials. There must be some correlation there. President Trump has tried to curb the size of the bureaucracy until a federal judge blocked his executive orders that would make it easier to fire low performing federal workers.

President Trump and the blue collar workers, particularly in the rust belt and in Pennsylvania have a lot of mutual thanks for each other. Clearly they are grateful to President Trump based on the way they responded to the polls, and the president is obviously thankful to them, as is seen by the number of rallies he holds in West Virginia and Ohio.

President Trump must keep this voting block secure, and ensure they show up on Election Day if he wants to emerge victorious in 2020. It will again be a mutual benefit.


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