Ken Starr weighs in on Kavanaugh accuser

Ken Starr, the independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct allegations, is troubled by the way Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s allegations have been handled.

“As someone who is interested in process and fairness, obviously, any allegation of this kind of nature is an unfortunate, serious allegation,” Starr said Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, which took place before the accuser revealed her identity. “But to be honest, I was outraged about the timing as well as the process that the letter from something long ago was in the hands — and you covered it very well — of the Democrats in July and yet there was nothing done about this,” Starr continued. “I just think it’s too late for there to be any serious consideration at this stage. The matter has adjourned, you had the opportunity to come forward, and you failed to do that year after year after year.”

Kavanaugh was anonymously accused Thursday of trying to force himself on a girl at a party while was in high school some 30 years ago. The woman revealed her identity and the specifics of the alleged incident to the Washington Post Sunday.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein from California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, made a public statement days before the Kavanaugh confirmation vote that someone was anonymously alleging sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh. She said a woman sent a letter to Congressional House Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., in July specifically asking to remain anonymous. Kavanaugh has “categorically and unequivocally” denied the claim.

It was indeed irresponsible of Feinstein to make a public statement about this misconduct if the victim insisted on remaining anonymous.

Now that the alleged victim is willing to speak on the record, it is most likely that the confirmation vote will be delayed again and an investigation will need to take place to substantiate these claims. Kavanaugh certainly has a right to face his accuser and the public has the right to see how this plays out with due process.

One thing is for sure, Democrats will succeed in delaying the Kavanaugh confirmation vote.



  1. masr says

    Praying for Judge Kavanaugh, the Senators and America – especially for protection from evil forces in the USA.

  2. CP11 says

    The letter was dated July 30, 2018 (I saw it on a video clip from MSNBC). I took at least a week to go from California to DC and through the Senate Mail Room to senator Feinstein’s hands. That puts us in August. Senator Feinstein sent it to the FBI. I am quite sure it takes another week for it to get to the appropriate FBI’s decision maker.

    With all I read and heard from officers in Congress, the WH has to order the investigation on such matter as it pertains to a nominee from the WH. Trump said today that the FBI is not interested in investigating it. So the WH and the FBI are pointing finger at each other and the result is the no investigation has been done.

    Regardless of investigation, Kavanaugh said that he was not at the party. if so, how could Ford put the presence of Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge, at the scene ? On top of this, she could even tell that both of them were “stumbling drunk” which fits perfectly with the what Mark Judge wrote in a book called “Wasted” recounting his years of alcohol and drug abuse, starting in high school.

    The book also described him as black out drunk that he could not remember the next day what happened the day before. Right on ! he could not remember what Kavanaugh did.

    You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure all this out. Whom you want to believe ? A sober college professor or an alcohol and drug abuser ?

  3. Christian Sweeny says

    ….So who do you want to Believe? It’s not about who, it’s about what you have to believe. But you’re not alone in following your feeelings. Let me help you with a quote from your least favorite news source, Fox.
    “And should she or any other victim be believed? Well the National Sexual Violence Resource Center states that 2 to 10 percent of victims’ claims are false. Meaning at least 90 percent are telling the truth.” Article from Fox News Contributor Leslie Marshal. Wow, logical fallacy here. Someone is arguing that 90 to 98 percent of accusations of assault must be true, therefore, what? Assume the statistic is true, the question becomes: How can you tell which ones are guilty? Feelings or prejudices, intuitions, Crystal Ball anyone?
    ….We are not doing statistics. We’re doing Justice, we’re doing Evidence, we’re demanding Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. We must proceed one case at a time, with an individual accused and an individual accuser and one body of relevant facts. America rejects the leftist notion of collective justice based on cultural Marxism and statistics. Except for the leftists.
    …If there is to be a Rule of Law and some semblance of reason, rather than a left wing lynching, we must believe the Judge is innocent until proven guilty. Unlike the leftists, we prefer that a guilty person occasionally slip through the net rather than permit an innocent man be lynched. The opposite is true for the left. The accused is guilty unless proven innocent, and the burden of proof is on the accused. The revolution devoured its own, but the executions of innocent persons by the left served a purpose, it terrified the innocent. Did you study Soviet history? I have family in Cuba.
    …The fair trial in America requires probative evidence, and limited hearsay, to establish a Prima Facie Case and a judgment based on the preponderance of evidence. A hearing to gather evidence must follow the same rules. Surprise! Judge Kavanaugh is Spartacus, not Booker.
    …Life is not always fair, but the fault here, if we must consider the issue of fault, does not lie with Judge Kavanaugh. His accuser knew six years ago, in 2012, that Judge Kavanaugh was a Federal Appeals Judge, slated to be elevated by then Candidate Romney to the Supreme Court. She apparently did nothing, because she apparently could do nothing. Perhaps she did tell someone. Dianne Feinstein knew about the accusation months ago, or perhaps earlier. She apparently did nothing. Oh, but wait! Maybe the Dems were busy for months now carefully concocting a story-line. What if leftist lawyers have been busy for months crafting a plausible argument impossible to prove, but impossible to disprove. Shades of Saul Alinski, Machiavelli and Lucifer.
    …And now predictably Ms. Ford’s left wing lawyer insists that the Judge must prove that he is innocent, a seemingly impossible task. Even 35 years after the alleged fact, if they had just provided Judge Kavanaugh with a precise date and a precise location for this teenage drinking party with no parental supervision, it is conceivable that Kavanaugh might have been able to prove he wasn’t there. Oh yes, and the names of the other two rascals she first mentioned. Two many witness spoil the broth, the authors kept it simple. If so, someone else was guilty. End of case.
    The left will do anything, absolutely anything, to stop anyone nominated to the Court by the Right. You didn’t notice? You didn’t hear on MSMBC the famous instruction of Nancy Pelosi, “Do whatever you have to do, just win.” Did you know what they did to Bork? At least the Republicans were polite to Merrick Garland. He’s actually an excellent Jurist, but then, some liked Judge Bork, for his views on the Constitution. Tit for tat.
    …If my suspicions are correct, the leftist authors of a “soon to be produced” book and Hollywood movie provided us with no date, no time, no location, one accused witness who wrote a book about his alcoholic teenage years, and wove this into a credible fiction. The best part of the story is the fact that the accuser cannot be punished for perjury, she can also plead faulty memory. Who said you couldn’t make this stuff up and get away with it? It wasn’t Nancy Pelosi. It would be nice if four former students from Brett’s school came forward to admit that they were the culprits, not Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge.
    As Justice Ginsburg recently noted, “These hearing are not being conducted properly.” Arguably, the ACLU, Ginsburg’s alma mater, should be defending Judge Kavanaugh. Not likely. This whole affair has become an exposition and explosion of raw emotion; predictably, the combination of information plus misinformation and disinformation has produced only confusion and bitter anger. The results will be either a lynching by the representatives of mob rule, or an example of rational debate, of Socratic Dialectic, of something we Americans can be proud of. That assumes we can muster a sufficient number of courageous people, Democrats and/or Republicans, to defend our system of law against the leftist system, where the accused is guilty until proven innocent. Let’s pray the center holds.
    …This last minute accusation requires a fuller context than a criminal trial; we must now consider as relevant information everything that we can possibly know with certainty, especially their reputations and characters, and any possible evidence of motives. Problems of eye witness identification and psychological errors of memory, etc. must be presented to mitigate her credibility. I heard that the accuser’s brother used to work for Fusion GPS, etc. That would be interesting, if true.
    …So who’s on trial here, the teenager Kavanaugh of 36 years ago or the adult Judge whose reputation has been unblemished but for this last minute accusation? Maybe the accuser is also on trial? Maybe it’s the individual members of the Senate on trial? Maybe it’s all of us? Maybe America is on trial?
    I repeat, Judge Kavanaugh is Spartacus, not Booker. Judge Kavanaugh is fighting for a Federal Constitution that provides Justice under the Rule of Law. Would you be willing to lynch Judge Kavanaugh, or any innocent man, based on nothing more than this woman’s unsubstantiated 35 year old claim of an assault? How you answer the above questions says a lot about you, doesn’t it! Let’s make America Polite Again.

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