March For Our Lives co-founder resigns: “I’m very regretful”

Cameron Kasky, the co-founder of the liberal “March For Our Lives” organization announced on Wednesday he has resigned. Kasky told Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson and Marie Harf, “I’m very regretful of a lot of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way.”

“March For Our Lives” is a student-led organization founded in 2018 after the Parkland Shooting that aims to increase gun regulation in the United States.

What continues to run through Kasky’s mind is when he “embarrassed” Florida Senator Marco Rubio at a town hall, he said, calling it his “biggest flaw” because of his intention to embarrass the Senator.

“One of the things I never really did was watch myself,” Kasky said. “If I was on a screen I kind of tried to run away from it. I’m not entirely sure why. But, looking back on that it’s like you said, you touched off on this very well in the intro, I’m not going to kick myself for it because I’m 17. Despite the fact that I thought I did at the time, I don’t know everything.”

One of the most important lessons Kasky learned is that political disagreement stems from failing to understand the opposing side’s perspective.

“I met the 50-some-odd-percent of women who are pro-life, even though I thought it was preposterous that a woman could be pro-life and not pro-choice at the time. I learned that a lot of our issues politically come from a lack of understanding of other perspectives and also the fact that so often young conservatives and young liberals will go into debate, like I said earlier, trying to beat the other one as opposed to come to an agreement.”

In light of his realization, Kasky said he plans to start a podcast that would include civil discussions about politically contentious issues with people on both sides of the political aisle.

We need more people, particularly passionate advocates from the left, to understand what Kasky learned at a very young age. Civil debate is necessary for progress. Just because something seems objectively correct, does not mean it takes into account a very different reality someone else might have. Perhaps Kasky can deliver his message to his former colleagues — if they agree to listen.



  1. Annette Moore says

    You seem like a good person, maybe made a mistake maybe not. Good luck to you I know you really tried.

  2. Jan in NH says

    Bet this kid is on Hogg’s crap list

  3. Robert Augeri says

    I give him some credit for realizing some of his mistakes, pro-life, this issue was not given much though by many who were for or against. I am a pro life person, we kill babies that are able to be useful productive people, it is not because of being Christen, Planned Parent Hood is pure murder, a baby is killed in late term up to eight months, this is murder and those doctors should be tried for murder, plus while the baby is crying they are hacking parts of the baby. The other issue one must believe in the Constitution, what the found father left us, and those who oppose it are the ones who will destroy our country and our way of life. No other country has a constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Most of the Democrats would like to do away or interpret it so it suit their narrative.

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