Millhiser: ‘confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work’

Last week, Leftist journalist Ian Millhiser tweeted that liberals should “confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work,” prompting a debate from outraged conservatives.

Millhiser, editor of Think Progress, was shot down by several other journalists including Ben Shapiro, Dana Loesch, Randy Barnett, Don Bongino and others who mocked him.

Millhiser’s comments come after Ted Cruz was confronted while eating dinner with his wife, weeks after the same happened to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and after Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged her constituents to “push back” on those in the Trump administration.

Besides the humor used to attack Millhiser, it is important to consider the danger in what he is advocating for. When civil debate and policy disagreement turns personal, everyone suffers. We must recognize that there is no objectively correct policy. Some policies work better for certain people and are a detriment to others. There will never be a policy that benefits everyone equally, nor will there ever be a policy everyone agrees on fully.

The political process calls for debate and disagreement to find the middle ground and policy that the majority finds satisfactory. And even after that policy is implemented, there may be reason to discontinue it. Politics and policy is not a stationary exercise, it is always moving and there are always new policies that need to be debated.

But that said, debate should not be for personal gain in having your policy “win.” It is about finding the best solution. Everyone deserves to have a break from this debate and retreat to the privacy of their homes. Allowing the debate to continue when one side does not want to debate is not civil and it is unwarranted.


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  1. Buster Bluth says

    Liberals are fine, I used to be one. Leftists, however, are a different breed: communist ideologue hacks that are dangerous and now proven violent, mouth-breathing, abhorrent diarrhea people.

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