Left-wing media criticize Melania Trump’s hat in Africa

First Lady Melania Trump visited Kenya over the weekend only to find the hat she wore criticized by the Left Saturday. Her white hat was called into question because it supposedly “evokes a colonial comparison,” according to a tweet sent out by CNN International.

New York Times World also sent a similar tweet saying, “The pith helmet Melania Trump wore during a Kenyan safari wasn’t her most glaring faux pas. But some see her choice of a symbol of European colonial rule as a big error on the global stage.”

Several comments on the tweets showed that there was really no need to critique the outfit. Kenyans responded that they had not even considered the outfit to be offensive.

One commenter who self-identified as Kenyan wrote, “[T]hat so called hat has no meaning to me.” Another tweeted, “In Kenya but don’t feel the same way please stop the discourse CNN.”

Grilling Melania Trump over her choice of hat in Kenya is ridiculous. Kenyan public officials wear a similar hat. There is no need to be so nitpick-y. In fact, such critiques make these news networks look bad and takes away from whatever credibility they still have in remaining objective when covering any member of the Trump administration.

All that said, the first lady did not appear angry about the criticism, and instead pointed out the ridiculousness in the media’s nitpick-y scrutiny of her hat. “We just completed an amazing trip — we went to Ghana, we went to Malawi, we went to Kenya, here we are in Egypt,” she told NPR. “I want to talk about my trip and not what I wear. That’s very important.”



  1. Ronda Williams says

    FLOTUS is the epitome of CLASS!!! She is beautiful and educated. The haters have to dig deep to trash
    her & attacking her headgear during a Safari is pretty low!

  2. Betty Dykes says

    I think it’s classy just like the woman that she is, beautiful and classy. No matter what she does she will be criticized by the left-wing media. If she got down on her knees and said the Rosary, they would criticize her for that. They’re just making fools out of them selves. She was just trying to keep cool and keep the sun off her face. Anyone with any common sense at all could see this. Melania Trump is the classiest woman I’ve seen in a long time, she has self respect and respect for other people. Which the left-wing media does NOT have.

  3. Jeff ROCKS says

    Her hat just PITHES the msm and leftists off!!

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