Democrat says F-word during debate in synagogue

A debate between two House candidates in Pennsylvania turned ugly Monday when one candidate dropped the F-word during a discussion of policy.

Democratic House candidate Scott Wallace apparently said “ah f***” out of frustration in a debate against his opponent, incumbent GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. The curse word was uttered as the two debated in a synagogue.

Wallace said the expletive while Fitzpatrick cross-examined him about a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad that attacks Fitzpatrick’s healthcare record on pre-existing conditions. The ad claims Fitzpatrick “voted against protecting people with preexisting conditions three separate times.”

“My sense is he was frustrated because I was cross-examining him on the ad he’s running,” Fitzpatrick said, “which is a false ad based on my position on pre-existing conditions. I was asking him a series of questions on what bill he was referring to, had he read it, and he came out with this expletive… Ironically, there was a later question about the need for civility in politics.”

Wallace has since apologized for his language, saying his frustration got the better of him:

“I was exasperated by yet another attempt from Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick to hide from his votes to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions,” he said. “I apologize for any offense that might have been taken, I am passionate about protecting people from insurance company abuses, and I’m sorry that in this instance, my frustration got the best of me.”

The Washington Post’s fact checker gave the DCCC campaign “Four Pinocchios” for the claims in the advertisement in question. Pennsylvania voters will have an easy decision to make come Election Day.


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