Tucker Carlson protest witness says group aims to ‘unsettle and frighten’

A witness to the protest who gathered outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house published an article Friday in which he describes the group’s intention.

The protest, which was condemned by members of the media on both side of the political spectrum, took place last Wednesday night. It featured members of the Antifa-affiliated organization “Smash Racism DC” going to Carlson’s house when his wife was home alone, banged on the door, chanted “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night,” and spray-painted an anarchy symbol on the driveway. Carlson’s wife hid in a rear room and called the police.

So, this begs the question: what does Antifa want from Carlson? ThinkProgress editor Alan Pyke, who witnessed the demonstration, spells out in black in white what the purpose of the “protest” was:

“The point of these direct actions, the activists behind them consistently say, is to deliver an emotional counterpunch to bad actors in U.S. politics whose work raises threat levels for marginalized communities. The point, in other words, is to unsettle and frighten — and I certainly would have been frightened had it been me in that house.”

This is cowardly. It does no good to cause Carlson and his wife to “fear.” This solves no problems. It does not debate the points he makes on their merits. In fact, Carlson’s show is one of the only ones that openly invites those who disagree with the host to debate him on live TV. If Antifa members truly disagreed with what he has to say, they should be brave enough to expose their views on live television and open their premises up to his cross examination.

Their actions at Carlson’s house takes away from the merits of their arguments. It instead diminishes the value of their words and rhetoric. And Americans are noticing.


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  1. Lewis Bishop says

    “Intends to frighten” Let us clearly state that “frightening” other people is NOT in any way at all acceptable in a moral framework of human interaction–Period!! Frightening to convince someone of what you want him to do, or not do, or think, or believe, is like what animals do; It is like what bullying children do, and it is like what KGB operatives reportedly did to Soviet citizens. Frightening to get ones way in society is grossly immoral, and the prohibition against “frightening” is embodied in our laws in the USA.
    Those in the group who sought to frighten Tucker’s family members were ipso facto attempting to deprive Tucker of his freedom to pursue his consciously desired actions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They should be arrested, charged, and tried in a court of law. There, no doubt, are multiple laws that can be applied. This kind of thing is similar to brandishing a deadly weapon to frighten a non-threatening, non-violent person. Law-abiding people whom we have placed in authority over us MUST rise to meet this challenge and stamp out this kind of behavior soon. If not, those law-abiding people in authority will soon find themselves faced with the need to arrest and prosecute other law-abiding persons who will have been driven to do violence in response to such uncivilized actions. Any of our duly commissioned officers, magistrates, and judges who will not apply prompt and maximum forceful deterrence to end this growing blight should immediately resign from his post, and we law-abiding citizens should install more noble protectors of the public safety.

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