Trump calls former attorney Michael Cohen a ‘rat’

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday on Fox News that he would allow the president to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller “over my dead body.” In other words, there is no way Mueller will interview the president.

After seeing what the Mueller team did to entrap Michael Flynn on perjury charges, everyone can agree that this is smart legal advice.

Mueller was hired to investigate collusion between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians. He was not able to find any evidence that of any collusion at all, so the special prosecutor shifted gears to investigate campaign finance violations. While it is still unclear whether President Trump broke any campaign finance laws, this is the crime the special prosecutor is looking to pin him on.

President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison for violating campaign finance laws “at the direction of” the president, is now helping Mueller. Cohen is testifying that the president knew and ordered Cohen to pay hush money to women President Trump allegedly had affairs with.

The president took to Twitter rebuking Cohen’s cooperation with Mueller, calling him a “rat.”

There is no definitive proof that this was the case, nor that such a scenario is a crime. Since there is no limit to how much an individual can contribute to his own campaign, if the president paid these women with money from his own pocket, there may be no campaign finance violations at all.

But even if Cohen did violate campaign finance laws, Mueller as of now cannot prove that President Trump knowingly directed him to do so. Therefore, Mueller would certainly dig for this information in interviewing President Trump, and would lay several perjury traps along the way, the same kinds Flynn fell for.


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