Washington Post journalists angry with Bezos over $5M Super Bowl ad

Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos spent over $5 million on a Super Bowl advertisement promoting journalism. But many Washington Post journalists are not too pleased with the money spent. They believe the money should have been used to provide them with more benefits.

Bezos himself linked the one-minute advertisement in a tweet on his account, writing, “Grateful for the journalists at the @washingtonpost and around the world who do the work, no matter the risk or dangers they face.”

That may have made matters even worse. By the looks of it, Washington Post journalists do not seem to be feeling Bezos’ gratefulness or appreciation.

A few journalists responded to Bezos’ tweet.

“Now unfreeze our pensions, pay an equal wage, and strengthen maternity benefits,” Dan Zak, a Washington Post journalist for over a decade, tweeted late Sunday night in response to Bezos.

Washington Post journalist Abigail Hauslohner also responded to Bezos in a series of tweets. She said she is very proud of her journalistic work and everything she has reported on but that she wishes she “didn’t have to give up my vacation & sick days & go wks w/out a salary in order to take leave w my infant daughter as I’m doing right now… We need more parental leave. And we need equal pay.”

All in all, it looks like the advertisement intended to promote journalism and showcase how brave and needed journalists are backfired entirely.

There goes $5.25 million. But it’s just a drop of water in a whole ocean for Bezos. He won’t even feel the deduction.


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