Left-wing spins ‘Executive Time’ in Trump’s leaked work schedule

The left-wing media got ahold of President Donald Trump’s personal work schedule, and they did what they usually do — they spun it into a negative. Axios reported last week that a source had leaked some three months of President Trump’s schedule. They note that around 60 percent of the president’s schedule consists of “Executive Time” in the Oval Office. However, there is no context for what “Executive Time” really means.

Axios reports that six sources said the president “spends his mornings in the residence, watching TV, reading the papers, and responding to what he sees and reads by phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers.”

This is being reported as a negative, but it really is not. President Trump himself responded to the reporting Sunday in a series of tweets:

This reporting is another example of why the American public is skeptical of the media criticizing the president. Because everything is made to be such a big deal, when the president actually does deserve criticism, it is not given its proper weight.

In the meantime, the Trump administration is searching for the leakers, who probably is probably risking their job for no real reason.


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