Dem-controlled House passes bill allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections

The contrast between last year’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the current Democrat-controlled House could not be more apparent after the House voted to pass the “For the People Act” last week by a margin of 228-197. The bill includes a section that defends local governments allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

Yes, you read that correctly: the federal government wants to expand the right to vote — probably the most cherished right citizens hold — to people who have not earned citizenship.

To clarify, the “For The People Act” does not allow noncitizens to vote in federal elections; a 1996 law prohibits that. But there is no regulation for local governments, and indeed some cities like San Francisco have allowed undocumented immigrants who are parents or guardians of children attending schools in the city to vote in school district elections.

Takoma Park, Maryland has historically allowed noncitizen and undocumented immigrants to vote in local elections for several decades, and the Washington Times reports that as many as 40 territories have allowed noncitizens to vote since the late 1700s.

But the most telling part about the passage of this bill was who voted for it. Last year, the Republican-controlled House passed a bill that specifically decried noncitizens voting in elections. Forty-nine Democrats voted in favor of that bill. Last week, all but six Democrats voted the exact opposite way.

The difference in opinion and passage of the bill appears to be just the first step. If Democrats have transitioned from failing to decry noncitizen voting to encouraging it, the next step will be to legalize it. Of course, those who are awarded the right to vote will allow the Democrats to maintain power, which looks to be a top priority for the party.

All the talk from Democrats about a foreign nation influencing our political process is true — but it just not be Russia, and it might not be against the Democrats.



  1. Angry Dad says

    This surprises you?

  2. NICK D AMES says

    OF COURSE THEY DID!!! THAT…Is just The First Step. IF…these trends continue, the Republican Party IS Done.DoneDoneDone. AND, the RINOs ARE right in on it! I was SHOCKED when I first read about all the “Republicans” quitting, retiring; whatever….WHEN it was So Critical, So Very Critical to keeping the House!!! Just from an Objective Stand Point of a person Who Sees Clearly that yesterday’s “Right Wing Conservative” is today’s Moderate/Common Sense/Centrist!!! Trey Gowdy is now with Fox/Disney Undercover Globalist “Light”?! DONT get me wrong, I have Big Problem with some “Repiblican” ideas and I absolutely Despise guys like Ryan and McConnell. After Judge Jeanine Punishment, its TIME to move on from Fox. Anybody who stays there for The Money…well, that’s On Their Soul!!!

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