GOP senator says he’s fed up with Trump’s attacks on McCain

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WASHINGTON — A Republican senator says that he’s had enough of President Donald Trump’s personal attacks on the late John McCain and that “the country deserves better.”

Johnny Isakson of Georgia is quoted Wednesday as telling The Bulwark conservative news and opinion website that “nothing is more important than the integrity of the country and those who fought and risked their lives for all of us.”

McCain served in the Vietnam War and died of brain cancer last year. As an Arizona senator he was a Trump foe.

Trump has escalated his feud with McCain in recent days, saying he was “never a fan” of the former GOP presidential candidate and “never will be.” Over the weekend, Trump renewed his long-running grievances in some caustic tweets.

McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain called Trump’s life “pathetic.”


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  1. patricia k wilson says

    McCain turned in the fake Dossier that Hildabeast bought and paid for and McCain was the one who turned it over to the FBI. Then he is attacked by McCain’s daughter right on twitter and the media keeps asking him why he does not like McCain? President Trump goes to Ohio and he asked the crowd if they wanted to know why too because the media sure does. They yell, “Yes.” So he told them. CBS and the leftist media more than doctored the filmed coverage where there was a “yes” from the crowd to a dead silence from the crowd making It appear that he went off the deep end in a one sided conversation of his own question. The media/deep state/Hildabeast gangsta’s/FBI trying to set him up, gas lighting him…based on an insurance policy so he’d loose to Hildabeast is more than distasteful than talking about the dead. I’m part of we the people in the country Senator and yes, we certainly do deserve better, from you and the fake media coverage our President of the United States is receiving! We deserve better from The House and the FBI Mueller team and all their unjust new investigations with no merit except there might be something, millions later and empty handed on Russian Collusion and they need to do some more digging. They have nothing based on facts. They all have gone stone cold crazy for sure and it’s worst than a witch hunt! This is harassment all over the place. Shame on the bunch of you all involved and remain silent! We the people see through you. Trump/Pence 2020

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