AP PHOTOS: Mueller flashes smile as world awaits his report

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WASHINGTON — As the world anxiously awaits the findings of the Russia investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller flashed a smile Sunday after going to church with his wife in Washington.

Mueller and his wife, Ann, were at the morning service at St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House. The couple filed out in a line of parishioners after the services.

Mueller was smiling outside the church before he walked directly past the White House and headed to his car.

Mueller officially concluded his investigation on Friday into possible coordination between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He has remained an elusive figure in Washington since his appointment in May 2017, never making a single public comment on an investigation that has shadowed the presidency for nearly two years.

Attorney General William Barr received Mueller’s confidential report on Friday and said he could provide Congress with Mueller’s “principal conclusions” as soon as this weekend.


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