Johnson presses EU to give way amid no-deal Brexit warnings

Johnson presses EU to give way amid no-deal Brexit warnings | FACTSWANTED
CORRECTING NAME OF BOAT TO HMS VICTORIOUS – Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets crew members in their mess hall, with Commander Justin Codd, behind right, as he tours the nuclear submarine HMS Victorious at the Naval Base in Faslane, Scotland, Monday July 29, 2019. Johnson is expected to announce Monday a 300 million-pound (dollars 371 million US) funding boost to help drive economic growth in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Jeff J Mitchell / Pool via AP)

LONDON — Britain’s largest business group is warning that neither the U.K. nor the European Union is prepared for the country to leave the 28-nation bloc without a deal.

The Confederation of British Industry released a report outlining 200 recommendations for both sides to accelerate Brexit preparations. It concludes that “the EU lags behind the U.K. in seeking to prevent the worst effects of a no-deal scenario.”

The group’s head of EU negotiations, Nicole Sykes, says “it’s like putting sandbags down for a flood. Your kitchen’s still going to be underwater but MAYBE we can save the bedrooms upstairs.”

The CBI says Monday the British government should resume Brexit meetings with business leaders and set aside more time to pass laws related to a no-deal exit.


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